Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

In the rapidly growing field of information technology, our high-caliber curriculum gives students the skills they need. With an emphasis on theoretical methods, principles and tools crucial to risk management and cybersecurity, students enter the marketplace prepared to excel.


The cyber defense curriculum at Parker University is mapped to the four-year core Knowledge Units (KUs), i.e., two plus four year core plus five optional, specified in the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CD) Education (CAE-CDE) program requirements. While many other relevant courses are offered at Parker University, the following 10 courses are used in our KU mapping:

  • BCIS 2306    Fundamentals of Network Systems
  • BCIS 2309    Ethical, Social, and Legal Dimensions of Computer
  • BCIS 2308    Data and Information Management
  • BCIS 2307    Operating Systems
  • BCIS 3303    Networking Administration
  • BCIS 4301    Fundamentals of Information Security
  • BCIS 4311    Cloud Computing and Virtualization Methods
  • BCIS 4305    Advanced UNIX Administration
  • BCIS 1302    Programming Logic and Design
  • MATH 1342    Elementary Statistical Methods

The Computer Information Systems Department oversees the Cyber Defense program, which requires a student to take all the 10 essential courses. Students who successfully complete these courses will receive an official Cyber Defense Education Certificate.  Please email Roxanne Kemp, the center Point of Contact for additional information.